Affinity Designer is an excellent piece of software that was produced by Serif for use on iPadOS, macOS and Microsoft Windows. It is a vector graphics editor. It is a slick and powerful piece of software that is much faster and livelier than its predecessor. In terms of smoothness and performance, it more than makes up for what it lacks.

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Affinity Designer is able to handle documents that are quite complicated and have a large number of layers in an effortless and streamlined manner. It is able to render at a rate of sixty fps and it appears to be capable of magnifying and panning through a document that contains thousands of items without producing any lag that is visible. When dealing with massive CAD-related documents, this level of precision and speed is excellent.

Affinity Designer has got some of the best vector brushes that you will love to work with. You have more than enough room for manoeuvre thanks to the fact that you can modify, edit, and reassign various brushes to individual strokes. Naturally, all of this becomes a great deal more entertaining and expressive when a stylus and a sketching tablet, and using an iPad makes this effect even more pronounced.

The manner in which the designer responds to orders and actions and the way it moves in response to your commands and actions is also quite smooth, which makes the interaction much smoother.

Affinity Designer can be purchased for a reasonable price of around $50, which is a one-time payment, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This makes it cheaper than many of the other programs on our list of the best graphic design software and also great software to work with.

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